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How my very random TikTok got viral

Before you start reading this let's make something clear - this is not a blogpost that explains how to make your TikTok go viral - I don't know how to make a TikTok viral - I will just share how accidentally I published a TikTok and it somehow got viral. I know it sounds weird but it was a complete accident - maybe that's why I couldn't reproduce the success.

First, let's imagine the setting - I was on my way back from Crete with my family on a plane a couple of weeks after I discovered TikTok (but really discovered it not just downloaded it to my phone).

During the trip I randomly took videos of things that happened around me and seeing if they made sense on TikTok basically exploring the platform. like this one -

For some reason this TikTok did not pick up I didn't understand why - I spent quite a while fitting it to the music and editing it, added some hashtags like you're supposed to and it ended up having (very) poor results - ~200 views and 3 likes - even my friends didn't like the video!

Few days after this flop I was on the plane back - as I mentioned - and the plane was a very low cost type of plane, so low cost in fact that this happened:

As you can see (or not see?) in this video the handle of the guy next to me was covered in foil paper - so I took a video of it because it seemed funny to me that the plane is so low cost they don't even bother making it somewhat presentable. This short video was not edited at all - I literally took the video published it and then disconnected for the flight time.

By the time I landed it had about 100K views! I was baffled... My first thought was - let's reproduce the success, I posted a bunch of other kind of lower quality videos but all of them failed (you can see them in my user if you're interested). So what made this video so special? I think it started from the fact that I posted it with a sound meme that was super viral at that moment of posting but also and I think the main part was - what you see in the video is not very clear. This made people comment on it and that in turn made more people ask what is going on which it more viral etc. I mean when you see a video with 10K likes and you don't understand what is going on you would probably watch it again (and again) no?

The video eventually got almost 4 million views.

Bottom line - if you want to make a viral TikTok video make it unclear? Leave room for comments? Have perfect timing? I have no idea!


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