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I've been wanting to start a blog for a while but kept avoiding it - I was always trying to think of ideas - what should I write about? what is the right "niche"? and then all the negative thoughts creep in: I'm not a content writer, English is not my native language, there are too many blogs already, no one will read this it will be a waste of time, AI is taking over anyway, I don't really want people to know my thoughts etc etc.

And also - I don't have any hobbies so what would I write about? But then I realized - I do have hobbies they are just not considered "hobbies" in the traditional sense...

I really like organizing trips for example, I also like going on vacation of course like any normal human being but the organizing part is really a passion - I create a full google sheet with the itinerary, I research in advance in various groups and forums I look for every travel hack I could find, every product that could make my trip easier etc. etc. etc.

I also really like automating everything in my life - whatever can be automated I would spend the time to automate even if this sometimes means that I spend more time automating it than actually doing the original work :)

Another thing I like is technology in a more general sense - reading about it, trying it, knowing everything about every new thing that comes out.

And last but not least finance, economy, personal finance, stocks, real estate investing - I read about it, I listen to podcasts about it, I invest myself.

So then I realized - I do have a niche!

When thinking about these interests, I decided that these will be the core of this blog even if not all of them are connected to each other in the traditional sense. Hope you enjoy reading!


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